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Emily-Sarah, your article was beautifully written. I don't think anyone has captured the essence of the House as well as you did.
Lisa Northrop: community relations manager, SECU Family House

Emily-Sarah, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful article you wrote for us in the December issue of Winston-Salem Monthly. We are getting lots of wonderful comments about it, and several people have mentioned how nicely written the article is. We have you to thank for that! I feel like you were able to cover so much of the essence of the Family House, and I am truly grateful.
Kathy Kooken Carr: executive director, SECU Family House

Emily-Sarah Lineback, your writiing is graceful.
Dr. Maya Angelou

Whitline Ink is wonderful! You堭uch more than a great agency or business firm because of your expertise and how you genuinely care about clients and their projects. I am thrilled販lled!鴿all you did. The book, event photography, the launch celebration貯ughout every phase your professionalism, patience, and passion for what you do absolutely impressed me. Your talent, service, and friendship mean the world to me.
Dr. Helen Canaday: director of UNCGèild Care Education Program for 26 years, and author of The Wit & Wisdom of Children, of which all profits go toward funding a consolidated child care center on campus

The marketing brochure looks great. I'm hearing very positive feedback from everyone hereԨank you again for your creativity and guidance on this project.
Alan Johnson: marketing director, CGR Products

Well, we did it! We birthed a book䨩s ᢹ衳 truly been my greatest joy next to my real babies. The past six months spent with you顠e-mail, snail-mail, phone calls, and 㐠messages衶e brought tremendous happiness to my life. The whole spirit of a joint venture that we all cared about has forged a new frontier for [me]. I pray [Life Is Short, But It͊ Wide] will be a big success, but I also pray we will stay forever friends. To a real pro and a real pal!
Ann Ipock: publisher of Goody 2 Shoes Publishing and award-winning speaker, humorist, and author of two books

My friends and I are amazed at the professional quality of the book....
Ann N.: daughter of client Bill Googe

I wanted to personally thank you for all that you did to make our Website such a success. Your care and technical expertise truly lent quality to that endeavor that we see today. We are going to use that great framework as we go forward頷anted you to realize how great I thought your work was and how much it has contributed to all that our organization is.
L.S.: business professional and website client

Wow...this was a very professional article. Like I said before, you did an excellent job pulling all the interviews together. I can෡it to see it in the magazine!
Martha O.: entrepreneur

Now that's some service! I truly appreciate your efforts to satisfy the customer, although it was acceptable to move forward without the change. Robin is thrilled and you're so right in noting that she will now be happy for all time and avoid that 鴴le annoyance档tor of knowing the address difference is there. Great job! Thanks for bringing by the proofs. It was a real 飿me up䯤ay. Iॣstatic about the results. Everything was fantastic and Iಥally looking forward to having the 鮡lಯduct in hand. You and Emily-Sarah have made the project even more worthwhile than we imagined it would be.
CH McMahan: producer, songwriter, and author of Say It with a Song

Thanks for all you堤one for [UNCGӣhool of] HES and me this year. We堡ll the better for it!
Dr. Laura S. Sims: dean of the School of HES, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation at the Professional Association of Innkeepers International conference. Your charm, advice, and knowledge were inspiring, Emily-Sarah. As a new innkeeper, I could have listened to you for three days on the subject of media and marketing! Thanks again.
Donna Stone: owner/innkeeper, The Wildflower Inn, Falmouth, Massachusetts

Thank you for your time, interest, and input into this project. Special thanks to Emily-Sarah Lineback and Scott Whitaker for your dedicated work.
D.E. Hall: pastor and founder of True Deliverance Church and author of two books

Thank you. Your hard work is appreciated. Our book would not be what it is without your guidance, close attention, and industry.
James Hutchens: historian and author of A Centennial History of Forbush Baptist Church & Community: 1876鷿em>

Thank you for the important role you played in producing the Journal͊ photo book, 100 Years of Images: Capturing the Moment. As a token of appreciation, and to provide an opportunity for all of us to celebrate together, I am hosting a luncheon at the Piedmont Club༢r /> Pat Taylor: vice president and general manager, Winston-Salem Journal, a Media General Publication

We appreciate very much all your work for Pulaski.
Andy and Rickie Graham: then-Mayor and First Lady of Pulaski, Virginia

ﵲism is one of the strongest economic contributors to Virginia͊ healthy economy, and I believe that your magazine is a wonderful medium to attract tourists to Virginia. By highlighting some of Virginia৲eatest attractions and best-kept secrets, we succeed in encouraging many people to visit༢r /> George Allen: Governor of Virginia, 1994鹿and U.S. Senator, 2001ిfont>

Scott, Emily-Sarah, and David, thanks for your labor of love, your interest in my story, and always your prayers.
Sandra Miller: award-winning singer/songwriter and author of When Mountains Move

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Gayle S.: small business owner

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you gave to make our 75th anniversary cookbook a reality. Ardmore Baptist is very proud of the beautiful cookbook you helped us to produce.
Lynda Phillips: cookbook committee chairperson for Ardmore Baptist Church

I am so pleased with the article and pictures. I was really impressed with our B&B as I read it, I thought I଩ke to stay there! Can͊ thank you enough.
JoAnn Celani: owner/innkeeper, Candlelight Inn, Camden, SC

You keep us on the ball and donଥt anything fall through the cracks. I am very impressed with you so far.
Myron M.: principal, Mitchell Wealth Management Group

Emily-Sarah and Scott, thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to join us at our conference. Folks really liked you both. On our comment sheets the responses to your presentation were very favorable. ﶿand prosperity to you.
Carol Ann Rogers: South Carolina B&B Association

Iඥry happy that Scott has agreed to take on [the Winston-Salem Journalనotography book, 100 Years of Images]. He brings a lot of design strengths to this project that will be invaluable.
Alan Cronk: marketing director, Winston-Salem Journal, a Media General Publication

Ralph and I were so pleased with your results! The article is beautifully and generously written and the pictures are terrific.ᬬy with the county chamber of commerce and visitors center was so impressed with your ﬩sh.튿 㨿called the county newspaper and they want to do a small feature regarding the article༢r /> Linda Robinson: owner/innkeeper, Highland Farm & Inn, Remington, Virginia

On behalf of Barnes & Noble, I canനank you enough for your contribution in making the River Rations event so successful. Your professionalism and dedication are admirable and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you.
Marcy Sheets: community relations director of Barnes & Noble

You turned my book into a work of art.
Herman Foltz: historian and author/compiler of Adam & Maria Spach: Their Story

Thank you for all that you do for [UNCGӣhool of] HES!
Jane Lawrence: director of development of the School of HES, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The book looks really good. Really does. Iඥry happy with it. If not the book, then the LOOK of the book. Thatനe second time you堨elped a very mediocre book look dam- good (excuse the french). Iਡppy. Happy, happy, happy.
Nikki S.: editor of regional nonprofit publisher

Emily-Sarah, Walter and I would like to thank you for the time you spent with Greg and the interest you took in his writing. We appreciate the encouragement you gave him to keep writing. Thanks also for the information the publishers. He was so excited to learn more about how to get his books published, and I think he realizes now he has a lot of work to do. He is so motivated.
Laurie M.: mother of budding author

You have done an excellent job!
Elva Sieg: producer and wife of Winston-Salem Journal columnist Tom Sieg༥m>Celebrating the Underdog

Thank you so very much! I am thrilled to have a new book coming out and deeply appreciate your hard work, dedication, professionalism, and talent. I owe SO much to y쬿br /> Ann Ipock: publisher of Goody 2 Shoes Publishing and award-winning speaker, humorist, and author of two books

We just received the advance copy. We think you did a beautiful job. Can෡it to read itﲠthe umpteenth time. No kidding, it looks great. I can't believe we took the time and effort to document this historical event in my life䨡nks again. It was our pleasure to work with you.
Walter Horace Barrett: author of My Story: Every Soldier Has a Story

You did a fantastic job on the programs for the golf tournament. They look great! I think everybody will be impressed! Thanks for preparing the programs on such short notice祠appreciate the exceptional service.
Mike B.: charity golf coordinator

Scott, you are truly a professional computer/graphics person. Thank you for sending precisely what our corporate office needs.
Betsy K.: corporate client

Thanks, Emily-Sarah! Great article on KAN-DO!
Debbie West: Study Coordinator for KAN-DO at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Thank you to Whitline Ink, to Aldine, Emily-Sarah, Scott, and David for what each of you added to make my endeavor lovely and successful.
Louise Wagoner: inspirational speaker, poet, and author of Walls of Jasper

A sincere and personal thank you for your participation in our South Carolina Bed & Breakfast Conference. 衮k you for attending and for all your contributions to its success. 場rust you will be rewarded for your gracious efforts. 䠨as been a pleasure to work with you!.
Pat Clark: Upstate Director, South Carolina B&B Association

লiend sent me a copy of the magazine article a few weeks ago. Thank you for making it possible for God෯rk in Cambodia to be known by many who would never have had a clue otherwise. I feel blessed.
Sue S.: international missionary in Cambodia

⥡t artwork. I love to see creative work. I used to work for advertising agencies before landing in the printing industry. I was Art Production Manager for the last one I worked for so I appreciate good work.
Lisa S.: printer representative

I wanted to compliment youﲠan outstanding issue of Connections. I read it cover to cover...Congratulations on a great communications piece!.
Laure Hoffman: director of development for central projects, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Words cannot express my deep appreciation for all you have done. May God bless and enrich your lives forever.
Steve Thomas: author of Love in a Butterscotch Pie

Dear Emily-Sarah, I continue to be in awe of the fact that you have gone so far out of your way to assist me, someone who is totally unknown to you. I truly feel that in the future I will look back and will always remember you as the one who gave me the most encouragement to pursue a writing career. I cannot begin to express my gratitude regarding the comments and suggestions made by you and Clara䯠make a long story short, every critical comment that you made was perfectly logical and is an invaluable source of information to me. And yes, I do plan to register for the seminar that you recommended and thoroughly look forward to rubbing elbows with experts in the business. Thank you so much for that advice. But most of all, Emily-Sarah, thanks to both you and Clara for the positive comments that you made. You have given me, a new writer, hope and confidence that a successful writing career is possible駬l say it again, it's not everyday that one comes in contact with someone who has done for me what you have done.
Donna V.: writer from South Carolina

Thanks to Whitline Ink for a job well done!
Dr. William Warwick: author of A Sailor Comes Home

To Scott Whitaker and Emily-Sarah Lineback of Whitline Ink Incorporated, we are most appreciative for their expertise and the friendly, sincere working relationship we experienced during the process of getting the book published. Their help in editing, design and production and also the willingness to photograph missing churches was invaluable. We thank them for showing such a personal interest in our project.
Wilma Hiatt: director of Surry County Genealogical Association and compiler of A History of Surry County Churches

wesome entrance logo. Looks fantastic!
Richard W.: plant manager of CGR Products

Thank you so very much for the beautiful sign for the Sasee party. It was stunning and oh-so-classy! I am so grateful to be working with y and sometimes it feels more like playing). You truly are the best!.
Ann Ipock: publisher of Goody 2 Shoes Publishing and award-winning speaker, humorist, and author of Life Is Short, But It's Wide (In the Southern State of Reality) and Life Is Short So Read This Fast!

WOW!! You did a great job!! I love this ad, and the background is great, thank you for the thought and time you put into it..
Patti L.: owner, PAL Marketing


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