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SNAIL MAIL > PO Box 668, Boonville, NC 27011

Need to Know More?

While our work speaks for itself, it's inevitable you'll want to talk with us to discover how we can best serve you. Make yourself at home within this site. Roam about to learn more about specific services and previous projects, delve deeper into our online articles, and get personal and biz development help with our Life in First Personā¬Ægs.

We'd love to see if we're a good fit for your project. We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation. If you need more, we schedule a Preliminary Assessment in advance for $200. With it, you get:

  1. A brief "questions inquiry" sent to you when you book your session for us to learn more about you/your company and your project. You can send responses before our meeting or use it to gain focus and perspective before we meet.

  2. Advance research and assessment of your website(s), printed materials, and other relevant info. (We don't review entire book manuscripts for initial assessments; however, we can read a synopsis and one chapter. Full editorial review is available separately for a flat rate.)

  3. In-depth critique. Mail or bring additional related materials if we're meeting in person; we'll go more in-depth with what your project entails, your goals, what you have, what you need.

  4. Veracious feedback, a fresh perspective, expertise, and our undivided attention during your 60-minute assessment. Whether you're representing yourself or a company, assessments can consist of more than one individual. Whomever is instrumental in bringing your project to fruition is invited to be a part of this crucial early process.

  5. To-your-door service if you live within an hour of us: We'll come to you, making it ultra easy to coordinate gathering the key individuals of your project or company at your regular location. We love putting faces with names and voices, and we find that when proximity (or budget*) allows, in-person meetings bring added discernment, dynamism, and depth. (*For travel expenses, we're available no matter where on earth you are!)



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