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Whitline Ink Founders

Scott Whitaker

I'm Scott Whitaker and technically the Creative Director/Project Manager for Whitline Ink. I'm a split personality—an editor, designer, and photographer with Whitline Ink and concurrently a busy town manager and lover of public administration. I may be found engrossed in massaging the custom fit of letters within a logo or pondering a better way to deliver town services.

My early education was business and finance, and following education and endeavors revolved around design, photography, and finally public administration. I'm only part-time with Whitline Ink these days as a 11,000-citizen town, wife and active son, exercise, and an under-used dual-sport motorcycle combine to occupy most of my waking hours (although not always in that order).

Emily-Sarah Lineback

My name is Emily-Sarah Lineback. Here's the short version: I'm a word wizard, a nationally award-winning writer and author, and a hardcore proponent of hope, good manners, and authenticity in all aspects of life. (I'm also addicted to coffee and learning.)

Still reading? I'm excited about the variety of projects I've been fortunate enough to concept, lead, or help with under Whitline's umbrella, from producing magazines to conducting marketing research for financial firms as well as ghostwriting books and consulting for publishing and PR needs. I've been blessed to work with corporations, businesses, nonprofit groups, churches, as well as individuals who utilize my midwife skills for welcoming their words into the world. I'm thankful to be associated with such an exceptional group of people, both internally and the high-minded, good-hearted clients that Whitline attracts.

At my core, I adore words, and you'll find me reading, writing, sharing, editing, or otherwise rolling around with them a good chunk of my waking hours for clients as well as birthing my own word-based endeavors. My goal for 2015 is to move toward select in-house projects so that I can devote more time for personal writing adventures including a new title of my own. (It's way past time!)

Relationships rank high on my celebration meter, and I thank God daily for His commitment to me, hubby, son, Mommy, Daddy, in-laws, extended family, church family, friends, and biz clients (whom I'm grateful to say usually wind up in the friends category, too). And I have a quirky lab mix, Maggie, who doesn't get walked enough but loves me anyway. How could I ask for more?



E-MAIL: info@whitlineink.com

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