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Signature Services

turn-key publication packaging (book & magazine)

From paperback and hardcover books to glossy magazines, from annual reports to snazzy booklets, we produce and package a wide variety of custom publications. From start to finish, we can cover every aspect along the way, from content creation to delivering a customized publication. (Click here if interested in a book production proposal.)

word & image wizardry (writing, editing, PR, photography & graphics)

Take your great ideas, words, old or new images. Add our God-given talents, decades of experience. Voila! We transform it. We thoroughly research/write articles, releases or one-off assignments "from scratch" or work our educated, intuitive magic on your text. Creative graphic design, photography, and restoration separately or in tandem.

branding & corporate ID (name/tagline/logo creation, marketing tools, etc.)

Branding is often confused with ﲰorate imageﲠﲰorate identity.? Follow the link because we have a lot to unravel about the distinctions. Whitline Ink helps tell your story by creating a strong identity within the framework of your brand development strategy to increase the value of your firm.

reconnaissance consulting™

Reconnaissance Consulting™ is hard-core, creative investigation into, from customers' or employees'/associates' viewpoints, what's wrong with your business, what's right, and strategies and help on how to make your company better. We step in as an impartial third party to discover where there are breakdowns in communication and gaps in everyday procedures internally and/or externally. Trading stress for success happens through Whitline Ink's in-depth, fact-finding analysis and research, old-fashioned observation and customer service "quizzes," off-beat "sink or swim" think sessions, and crucial follow-through implementation.

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