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Our Story


Whitline Ink's story begins in 1995. Scott Whitaker and Emily-Sarah Lineback, the founders of Whitline Ink, decided being married wasn't enough of a joint venture on its own. Whitline Ink (pronounced Whit-lin Ink) is a creative studio and over the years we and our award-winning projects have covered the spectrum of subject matter and industries (read a few project backstories here).

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Whitline's unconventional production backdrop is, brace yourself, in a former funeral home built in 1941. But that's a good thing. And while we won't claim ghosts, artistic muses roam the rooms constantly and whisper regularly in our ears (we listen, debate, research, draw inspiration). The collaborative results are tangible solutions, unforgettable text, and stunning visuals.

Check out our Need to Know More? section, come visit, and we'll offer you a cup of tea or coffee served up with a dose of experience, inspiration, and big ideas.



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